Tablet Photo Kiosk Stations

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New Tablet Kiosks Bring Portability and Value to Experiential Event Marketing Experiential event marketers, agencies, and brands now have a new tool for their arsenal: Fonteco tablet kiosks...  The portable, light weight hardware, accompanied by our powerful software solutions, are guaranteed to engage [...]

Social Media Video Kiosk

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SocialBuzz Video Booth Kiosk Helps Raise Entries for Jam Audio's Scholarship Contest As part of a recent promotion, JAM audio offered free products and a chance to win a $25,000 college scholarship in their Dance Daddy Move Momma contest.  The rules were [...]

Instagram Video Booth Kiosk Station

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Video Kiosk @ Comic Con New York

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Many have heard of Comic Con in San Diego, but you may not have known that New York also hosts an east coast Comic Con convention each year.  Although not as large as the west coast show, the expo floor [...]