3 Killer Photo and Social Media Marketing Tips for Retail Stores Big and Small

The landscape of retail is rapidly evolving. As online shopping has grown over the years, retailers have adapted and are continually looking for ways to drive in store traffic, increase revenue, and connect with customers.  Social media and user generated content, especially through visual photos, has grown significantly in popularity and have been a catalyst for this evolution.  But how do retail stores implement a unique and effective strategy for in store visitors?  Here’s 3 killer ideas:

1. Ignite Social Media Engagement with Live Social Media Displays

Customers and retailers are generating millions of posts to social media each day.  Although many retailers are listening and conversing through common social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, many are missing additional online and in store opportunities.

On a recent mall trip, we walked by Express and noticed an Instagram logo and hashtag being promoted on the store front window.  However, as we walked throughout the store there was nothing to tie in the hashtag to the in store experience.

One way to do this is by dedicating a screen or multiple screens to show your social media content. For example, if Express had a monitor up on the wall that was displaying a slideshow or grid of hashtagged posts from customers, their engagement not only in store but post store visit would soar! Here is an example social wall featuring Hugo Boss:

Retail Social Media Display Wall

BONUS: Embed the social display on your website to drive traffic and add fresh content daily!

2. Your Customers = Your Brand Ambassadors Through Photo Activations

Social proof, the idea that people are directly influenced by their friends and families opinions, is highly relevant in retail.  People buy based on their friends opinions.  So, why not let your in store customers create this social proof for you?

By providing an in store social photo activation (photo kiosk, booth, or screen), customers can snap a photo and share your branding to all of their friends and family.  Having them show themselves shopping in your store with a smile on their face is priceless… not to mention the millions of impressions those posts achieve each month.  Here is an example of Five Below using our SocialBuzz photo kiosk in store:

Social Media Photo Kiosk

3. Provide In Store Twitter and Instagram Prints

Promoting a hashtag to your fan base is a great way to increase brand awareness and get customers talking about your products.  So, to tie in the digital experience with the physical experience in store, provide customers with a fun way to print their tagged photos.

For example, our InstaBuzz kiosk print station was provided to Bloomingdales for a Lucky Magazine and Marc Jacobs weekend event.  Our kiosk monitored and displayed hashtagged photos on Instagram and Twitter, allowing visitors to print the branded photos before leaving the store.  The hashtag had a 150% increase in engagement and helped bring a unique element to the special event.

instagram photo booth

As technology continues to evolve, customers are expecting more with their retail experiences.  Let us know your ideas or contact us if you’d like assistance with the previous examples mentioned above!