If you have attended events in recent years, you have likely seen or participated in some type of photo activations.  These include photo booths, social media photo kiosks, Instagram printingsocial media event displays, green screen photo opportunities, iPad photo apps, roaming photographers, and other related services.

Brands and agencies have tapped into these type of interactive, experiential, event marketing activities for a reason… they are proven to be fun, effective, and provide a measurable ROI.  Here are 3 ways that photo activations have been proven to amplify events and engage attendants:

1. Free Photo Activations Drive Traffic and Generate Leads 

Who doesn’t love selfies and free photos?  The numbers and statistics prove that people are obsessed with photos, especially on social media.  Whether your event is a trade show, concert, corporate party, product launch, or festival, attendees will line up to take and share their photo and moment with their friends and families.

This traffic helps companies with one of their number one goals; get traffic to your event space.  With that traffic, they can now capture data and leads, inform them of their brand and messaging, and ultimately increase their brand awareness and sales.

Social Media Photo Activation


2. Social Photo Activations Improve Brand Awareness

One of the main objectives for brands using event marketing is to improve their brand awareness and messaging to attendees.  Social media photo activations provide a unique and effective means for brands to get their logo and messaging out both digitally and physically.  For example, logos and messaging can be added to a photo kiosk, the screen, a step and repeat backdrop, a hashtag, and the photo frame/overlay.

Attendees are likely to hang that photo up on their fridge or in their cubicle and show it off to friends.  In addition, when shared to social media all of their friends and families now see that brand on their social pages.


3. Social Photo Activations Increase Your Social Media Fan Base and Gain Social Impressions

How can photos at events increase Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, Instagram Followers, and increase social impressions?  Various techniques can be implemented to convert attendees to fans.  For example, by providing fans a way to digitally share their photos to their social media pages, brands harness the power of social proof.

Friends/Family of each person that shares branded photos to social media gain impressions (1 fan shares photo to their 500 friends, next fan shares to her 300 friends, next to her 400 friends…).  As a result, not only do those on site become aware of the brands social media channels, but their networks can then connect to them as well.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 2.22.43 PM


If you are looking to amplify your next event with photo activations or data and lead capture, contact us today!