4 Reasons Why Optometrists and Vision Care Stores Utilize Social Photo Sharing Technology

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Photo marketing technology has been implemented and utilized at many retail locations and is continually providing ways to uniquely market and create brand awareness. One industry that can highly benefit is the Optometrists, Vision Care, and Eye Glass locations.

How are they utilizing this technology?

  • Providing customers with a quick social photo opportunity as they try on glasses. For example, a small counter top photo tablet serves as a mirror and snaps a photo of the customer with their new frames. From there, the customer can instantly share their photo (once they find the perfect fit) to Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text to their friends, families, and followers!
  • Encouraging social conversation by having a social media display in store and/or on their website. For example, a digital screen display or TV is positioned in the optometrist’s store. This could be displaying all of that brand’s posts on Instagram along with any hashtagged photos. This way, in store customers are encouraged to join the conversation by tagging photos, they follow/like your company store pages, and they share their experience to their friends and families.

Why are new optometry trends emerging and being adapted?

1. Creates Brand Awareness- branded photos with your logo, store info, and messaging are shared to social media

2. Drives Traffic to Locations/Increase Sales- more social engagement will drive local traffic and position yourself as a local or national leader

3. Provides a Fun & Memorable In Store Experience- we all want to share a photo once the perfect frames are finally chosen

4. User Generated Content Provides Social Proof- people want to go to the stores that their friends and family recommend or use, including optometrists

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