Animated GIF Photo Booth at the San Diego Film Festival’s Oscar Viewing Party

animated gif photo booth

The Oscars bring together friends, families, and coworkers who want to enjoy the evening and experience the show. San Diego Film Festival holds their own annual viewing party, this year at a private home in La Jolla.

To help provide a fun way to capture and share some photos of the night, we provided an animated GIF photo booth with social sharing.  Guests were able to snap 4 photos, print their still photos, and share their animated GIF to Facebook, Email, Text, and Twitter immediately.

animated gif social photo booth

Photo shares also contained custom messaging and the animated GIFs were also branded with the film festival’s logo. Movie related props were also on site to provide another fun element for the photos. Guests had a great time all night watching the Oscars and acting out their own scenes at the animated GIF booth!