Social Media Photo Kiosks- Bring Your Event to Life

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More People, More Opportunities

Our social media buzz kiosks entice new customers by allowing them to take their photos and share them with family/friends/colleagues via Facebook, Twitter, Email, and SMS.

Don’t let the look deceive you…One of the most powerful features of our buzz kiosks, besides creating a buzz around your brand, is increasing your brand impressions on social media.


Your Brand, Shared by Your Fans

Each photo taken is branded with a unique overlay design. The overlay can consist of almost anything that you feel will benefit your company i.e. URL, logo, mascot, slogan, offer,QR code, etc.


Our kiosks can be a great, unobtrusive way to collect names, emails, and other important data from attendees.  Prior to sharing the photo, a data capture screen can be enabled… we do all the setup and send you the captured information post event!

social media photo booth kiosk