Fonteco Prints! Offering Full-Service Printing Nationwide

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Fonteco is proud to announce our Full-Service Printing servicing Nationwide!   Step 1) Email Fonteco your Print Order Step 2) Fonteco will reach out with any questions and send you a print quote Step 3) You submit your Artwork for [...]

How Optometrist and Vision Care Stores Utilize Social Photo Sharing

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4 Reasons Why Optometrists and Vision Care Stores Utilize Social Photo Sharing Technology Photo marketing technology has been implemented and utilized at many retail locations and is continually providing ways to uniquely market and create brand awareness. One industry that can highly [...]

Retail Photo and Hashtag Activations

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Why Target and Walmart are Utilizing In Store Photo Marketing to Amplify Customer Experiences Capture & Share Holiday Photos at Walmart If you were one of the millions of customers to visit Walmart over the past holiday season, you may [...]

Hashtags During 2015 Superbowl Commercials

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Hashtags Dominate the Screen During the 2015 Superbowl Commercials #FirstDraftEver, #OneBoldChoice, #HelloFuture, #EataSnickers, #Uncarrier, #WithDad.... the list of hashtags during the Superbowl goes on and on.  If you somehow missed it, over 50% of the commercials featured this year promoted [...]

Photo and Social Media Marketing for Retail

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3 Killer Photo and Social Media Marketing Tips for Retail Stores Big and Small The landscape of retail is rapidly evolving. As online shopping has grown over the years, retailers have adapted and are continually looking for ways to drive in store [...]

We Love Advertising

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Simple, Minimal, and Effective not to mention one of my weaknesses, coffee! Thank you Switzerland for both Inhalt&Form Zurich and The Black & Blaze Coffee Roasting Company. Advertising Credits: Advertising Agency Inhalt&Form Zurich created a simple and nice campaign for The Black [...]