Social Photo Booth with Winner Mode Amplifies Chevy’s Jingle Ball Activation

contest winner photo booth

Chevrolet once again took over the Jingle Ball Los Angeles with their Chevy Cruze vehicle display and interactive winner photo booth. To help promote the Chevy Cruze and provide guests a fun interaction with the brand, our team setup a contest/winner photo booth.

The open air booth was positioned to snap photos of guests with the product placement, a shiny new Chevy Cruze! Fans were able to check the car out, sit inside, and learn more about the vehicle.

To amplify that experience, they also were able to snap, print, and share their photo to Email, Text, Twitter, and Facebook instantly. Our contest mode was activated to randomly choose winners based on a predetermined probability.

social photo booth

As the winner branded photos appeared, guests were pleasantly surprised and were able to visit a Chevy rep to claim their prize! The word of mouth and memorable experiences created helped Chevy drive brand messaging and engagement.