Green Screen Photo Activations Provide Fun Times at Walmart’s Recruiting Event

walmart green screen photo boothFor a recruiting event at the Hilton Bayfront in sunny San Diego, Walmart wanted to provide their attendees a fun photo activation at their dessert reception.

Besides traditional prints on site, a green screen setup was provided that gave guests 6 different background options to choose from.

Throughout the event, superimposed photos were snapped and shared to Facebook, Twitter, email, and text message. Instant printed takeaways were also handed out to those that took their pictures.

As the night went on and guests warmed up, the poses also began to get interesting. Large groups got together and some attendees were even lifted and held up by their peers.

Although this was a small part of the overall activities, we were able to bring tons of smiles and laughter to the event.


green screen photo activation


walmart photo booth