Hashtags Dominate the Screen During the 2015 Superbowl Commercials

#FirstDraftEver, #OneBoldChoice, #HelloFuture, #EataSnickers, #Uncarrier, #WithDad…. the list of hashtags during the Superbowl goes on and on.  If you somehow missed it, over 50% of the commercials featured this year promoted a hashtag during their multi-million dollar ad spot.

From movies, to cell phone carriers, to automobiles, there was an obvious continuation and emphasis on social media and hashtags to help bring brand awareness and increase engagement.  Now the main question is, did the average consumer notice? If so, how much engagement did the hashtags see during the game?  How much engagement will they see in the near future?

For marketers and ad agencies, analyzing the effectiveness and impact is a long and important process.  For the average football fan, the commercials are watched closely and there is a reason they pay the huge dollars for the brand messaging they receive on the most watched television program of the year.

Here’s one of our favorites, from Loctite, using the hashtag #WinatGlue:

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