As many event professionals know, social media feeds (such as Instagram or Twitter walls), are gaining in popularity and becoming a must have to implement on site.  Not only do they engage the audience, but they also provide brands a way to connect and increase impressions on social media.  From smaller, private events, to large concerts, festivals, and conventions, social media feeds can be added easily by following these steps…

1. Determine Your Goals & Objectives

What is the purpose of the event display?  What are your overall goals for the feed or social wall?  For some brands, simply displaying previous posts from their own accounts to add branding to an event is the purpose.  Others want to engage the audience by displaying live content (such as event hashtags) on screens/monitors.  Some may want to increase their brand awareness and followers on one specific channel, such as Instagram. Whatever the case, having a clear purpose, or WHY, is important.

2. Determine How You Will Display the Content

Event displays can work on small monitors, with projectors, and on large screens (such as jumbotrons).  They can also be shown on multiple screens throughout a venue, so determine what type of equipment you have available to use.  Keep in mind, you will want the screen(s) to be highly visible in order for it to have the biggest impact.

3. Choose Your Feed Content & Theme

What type of posts and content to you want displayed?  Feeds can be configured to show @mentions, accounts, hashtags, and other posts from social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, and more.  Although feeds from various social channels can be combined into one display, it is usually recommended to focus on one or two at most.

Lastly, are you looking to run a slideshow, a grid of posts, text and photos, text only, a waterfall type theme?  Finding the best look for your feed will need to be determined.

Social Media Twitter Wall Display

Twitter social media wall


4. Promote Your Social Media Event Display

If you plan on using a live Twitter wall or hashtag display, you will want to promote the hashtag(s) and feed so attendees know how to engage.  Create posts on social media, add necessary signage at the venue, have brand ambassadors inform and encourage participation, and give your fans a reason to be a part of the conversation.  Although people love seeing themselves on screen, contests can provide a big boost to the overall engagement.

5. Measure the Results

Depending on your overall goals and objectives, take time post event to measure the impact and results your display had. Did it provide the fun element to your event you were looking for?  Did your brand gain more social followers and impressions?  Did your event hashtag get the boost in traffic that you were expecting? What can be done next time to improve or fine tune the activation?

social media event display wall

As mentioned, social media event displays are here to stay and can really help your brand connect with its fans.  Our team would be happy to help you analyze your needs and create the custom feed you desire.  We also provide you with an easy way to moderate (or curate) your feed and analytics to help measure the impact.

Questions?  Feel free to email or call us at 800.714.2899.