InstaBuzz Instagram Print Kiosks Help Boost Bud Light’s Social Conversation at UFC 184

As UFC fans gathered at the Staples Center in anticipation of the fights, they were met with activities and fun photo opportunities.  Bud Light, the UFC 184 sponsor, wanted experiential and fun chances for fans to not only have a memorable experience, but to also talk about and share it socially.

ufc bud light photo activation

To help with their overall goals, we provided a few of our InstaBuzz Instagram Print Kiosks to tie in the hashtag with on site printed takeaways.  Guests could snap photos on their phones, hashtag them, and then view and print them at our kiosks throughout the venue.  Attendees also had the chance to pose with cutouts of their favorite UFC fighters, and with large, custom Instagram frames.

Throughout the evening, the hashtag conversation continued to increase, peaking at over 1.2 million impressions on Instagram and Twitter alone.

hashtag analytics

Want to capture the moments of the event and increase social media integration?  Reach out to us to see how we can assist!