We love hearing from previous clients, especially Krug.  For the second time, they asked us to help provide a simple, effective, and fun way to print Instagram photos at the Krug House, this time in New York.  As we did for the San Francisco house, our InstaBuzz station monitored and printed Instagram tagged pictures.  After a glass or two of champagne, who wouldn’t want a take home photo from the night?

Instagram Print Station at Krug House

What is the Krug House?  According to recent PR story, “Krug House allows guests to immerse themselves in the meaningful and timeless experiences that define Krug. After launching Krug House New York at a luxurious town house in downtown Manhattan last summer, the concept has been re-imagined in other key markets, including Aspen and Los Angeles. Each Krug House is authentic to the city it is in while remaining true to the history of the brand, providing not just dinners and tastings, but unforgettable experiences.”