InstaBuzz Hits the Road on the Creative Collab Tour

The Creative Collab Tour, Featuring Matthew Espinosa and friends, kicked off their tour in Norfolk VA with over 20 other stops.  The DigiTour is a traveling indoor show that is approximately 1.5 to 3 hours long and visits many cities over the course of 3+ weeks. To help connect with the on site demographics, State Farm wanted to provide fans an easy way to snap, hashtag, and print their photos on site.

Our InstaBuzz tablet kiosk print stations were the perfect fit to go along for the tour ride. Monitoring and printing the #Drive2n2 hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, our InstaBuzz units helped relay and amplify State Farm’s messaging– 2 hands on the wheel, 2 eyes on the road… The initiative hopes to reduce distracted driving and raise awareness about teen driver safety.

Drive2n2 signs/frames were created for fans to pose with, while our units pulled in and printed their takeaway. The connection with social media, hashtags, teens, and brand messaging have been a great combination on tour.  We are happy to know that our print stations are helping raise awareness for such an important initiative.

Drive2n2 Hashtag Print Station


10.4.15 Norfolk, VA
10.6.15 Washington, DC
10.7.15 Long Island, NY
10.8.15 Sayreville, NJ
10.10.15 Boston, MA
10.11.15 Portland, ME
10.12.15 Albany, NY
10.15.15 Columbus, OH
10.16.15 Chicago, IL
10.17.15 Des Moines, IA
10.18.15 Denver, CO
10.21.15 Phoenix, AZ
10.22.15 San Diego, CA
10.23.15 Anaheim, CA
10.24.15 Sacramento, CA
10.26.15 San Francisco, CA
10.27.15 Portland, OR
10.29.15 Seattle, WA
1.14.16 Manchester, UK
1.15.16 Birmingham, UK
1.16.16 London, UK