iPad Lead & Data Capture

ipad data capture

Plug and play data capture and lead generation for trade shows, conventions, expos, and other events.  In addition, our surveys and data capture work with or without an internet connection.

DID YOU KNOW?   We setup the iPads prior to your event, all you have to do is plug them in and start collecting the data!

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Nationwide and Long Term Availability 

Simple, Cost Effective, & Measurable

Fully Brandable Screens & Backgrounds

Your colors and logo incorporated directly on the screens for increased branding.

No Internet Required to Capture Data

No connection on site?  No problem, you can still capture data with our iPad services.

Use With iPad Enclosures & Kiosks

Use our iPads with any standard enclosure, such as iPad kiosks and countertop stations.

Multiple Question Types & Options

Splash screens, list and date pickers, multiple choice, sliders, skip logic, and more.


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