Meme Generator Photo Activation Entertains Attendees

Meme Photo Booth

Laserfiche, a software development company that creates enterprise content management, business process automation, workflow, records management and other services held it’s annual Empower Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center.

The conference brings together Laserfiche customers, partners and IT professionals for networking and educational industry sessions. To help amplify their booth space and engage with attendees, our team helped create a custom Meme Generator photo opp.

Attendees that stopped by the booth were able to sit down at the first “set” that featured a messy, disorganized desk and have their photo taken by our attendant’s SocialBuzz tablet. They then moved to the second “set” that featured a clean and organized desk and had their second photo taken. Those two photos then combined to create a custom Meme photo that could be printed and shared to Twitter, Email and Text!

We also provided guests the option of 3 different Memes to choose from prior to having their photos taken. Throughout the conference, hundreds of attendees stopped by and had a blast acting and posing for both sets. Having the physical photo takeaway and being able to share the digital Meme photo was a great addition.

Meme Generator Photo Booth ActivationMeme Generator Photo Booth

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