Project Description

CASE STUDY: BodyBuilding Fitness Expos

Custom Branded Social Photo Kiosk & Hashtag Print Kiosk participates at the largest and well known fitness conventions and expos each year. As part of their overall booth space and campaign, they were looking to include photo activations and social sharing but needed equipment that could handle the year round travel and usage.

To accommodate their tour schedule, two of our full sized kiosks were custom wrapped and branded to fit seamlessly into the expo space. Two software options were available, our SocialBuzz to snap, print, and share photos, and our InstaBuzz, to display and print hashtag photos from Instagram and Twitter.

Why Was This Event a Success?

Our durable equipment has travelled around the country for two consecutive years, providing an easy to implement solution for BodyBuilding’s staff. The branded units work well with their step and repeat banners, giveaways, and other on site tie ins.

  • Photos with fitness athletes increased social media engagement and buzz
  • Increased social media fans and followers for’s social channels
  • Improved overall brand messaging and awareness
  • Fans could not only print photos from the photo kiosk but also from their own devices (w/ the hashtag print kiosk)
  • Easy to setup at numerous expos across the country
  • Rugged travel cases and long-lasting, durable equipment

Social Media Impressions & Counting…

Increased Booth Traffic YOY

On Site Data Capture

In addition to the photo technologies, data capture was integrated into the photo kiosk to collect emails prior to the digital sharing on screen. Over 5000 emails were collected over the 16 event days in 2015, averaging over 300 per day.

Emails Captured