Project Description

To help promote their Instagram hashtag at their 2013 Rep Development Conference, Vector Marketing created a photo scavenger hunt for attendees.  The unique idea and the prizes offered encouraged participation and saw a 200% increase in engagement over 2 days.

Vector Marketing was looking to add a fun, interactive, and socially driven activity to their RDC Conference in Detroit.  By providing our InstaBuzz print station they were able to incorporate on site prints of Instagram photos, a photo scavenger hunt, and a memorable activity for attendees.

In addition to the scavenger hunt, our InstaBuzz print station monitored, displayed, and printed the tagged Instagram photos.  The branded 4″ x 6″ displayed Vector Marketing’s logo and messaging and provided guests with a fun takeaway.


  • Rules were established
  • Scavenger hunt was promoted on Facebook & Email
  • The hunt was on!
  • Photos were printed for takeaways
  • Winners were awarded prizes


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