Embed Your Social Media Displays

Our embeddable social hubs offer a simple way to aggregate and display real time social media content on websites, Facebook pages, Tumblr, Wix, and other applications. Posts can be pulled in from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, and more.

Engage with visitors, keep content fresh, and attract more page views. Great for visual testimonials from fans, to run and moderate contests, and to show your own content across various social networks.

  • Select which social networks and connections you’d like to display (Instagram #hashtags, Twitter list, Pinterest board) and where you will be embedding (HTML, Facebook page).
  • We setup your display specs and provide you w/ an embed code.
  • Embed your code and publish the page.
Yes, all of our embedded displays come with a custom moderation URL and custom analytics URL that can be accessed at any time.  Updated hourly, your analytics hub provides you with stats like total impressions, total posts aggregated, influential contributors, outspoken contributors, total shares, and total clickthroughs. Your moderation hub provides you a simple way to view and approve content before it is displayed live.
First, you can choose what content you want to show up and where to place it (website sidebar, Facebook page). Depending on the type of display (slideshow, photo grid, news grid), we can also alter the display size, fonts, accent and background colors, background image, and certain transitions. Once you have it on your own website you can further customize the design around your display.
Our pricing depends on how many social feeds you would like to display, any customizations, and the length of time.  We offer monthly and yearly plans so please reach out to discuss your needs.  


Live Embedded Social Display Example

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