Social Hub & Displays for Events

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We Make it Easy to Compile and Display Your Social Feeds

Event attendees are brand advocates that love to share stories and experiences on social media. We make it easy to display social content and encourage the conversation...

Choose the Social Feeds You Want Displayed

Instagram Wall

Show off hashtags and handles, even filter by location or coordinates.

Twitter Wall

Display handles, hashtags, lists, favorites, locations, and more.

Facebook Feed

Show yours, or others, Facebook pages, posts, hashtags, and groups.

Tumblr Display

Love Tumblr?  Aggregate hashtags or specific blog feeds for your audience.

Pinterest Hub

Imagine your Pinterest board or user posts exhibited on monitors or walls.

Google+ Posts

Our system allows you to easily pull in Google+ hashtags and profile posts..

vine logoVine Videos

Want to display video on your display?  How about Vine hashtags or a speakers handle?

YouTube Screen

YouTube videos from a playlist or specific user can be easily added to your event.

* You can display multiple feeds together.  RSS and LinkedIn feeds also available.


Easy Setup & Implementation On Site

Choose from a number of different social display themes we offer (slideshows, grids, walls) and we take care of the rest.  Our team quickly configures your display and provides you with your custom display address/URL.  All you need to do is pull up your display website address on any laptop, tablet, or computer. From there, project it to walls, monitors, jumbotrons, billboards… you can view it on any screen size and unlimited screens at your venue!

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Simple Moderation & Analytics

We can provide you with your own curation or moderation website (example here).  Easily accept or reject content prior to it showing on your display.  If you need to dig in to the stats, influencers, and other data, you can access your specific analytics at any time…

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