A good social media strategy is crucial for small, medium, large, and even multinational corporations.  As social media has evolved, thousands of businesses are joining the top networking sites to improve their overall exposure, to connect with their customers, and to build relationships.  Unfortunately many companies are unclear about how to create and implement a solid strategy.  Many open Facebook and Twitter accounts, for example, and post a few messages here and there.  Here are some tips:

  • Determine your organizations goals
  • Review your current marketing strategies (offline and online)
  • Research and understand your target audience.  See where and how they are participating online
  • Figure out different ways of reaching out to that audience through social media channels
  • Determine your strategy for achieving your goals to that target audience
  • Monitor and evaluate your efforts and make necessary changes if/when needed

Businesses that can successfully understand and implement social media strategies have a clear advantage over those who do not.  Sites like Facebook and Twitter will bring more traffic to websites, will help you understand the needs and wants of your customers and potential customers, will provide leads and sales, and will provide a FREE platform to market to them.

Besides the basic options that are available, we have created our buzz social media kiosks to help certain businesses with their social media strategies.  Our plan is simple… We place our kiosks in high traffic areas to allow the maximum number of people a free digital branded photo that can be shared.  As a result, the business gets an amazing exposure from brand ambassadors as it is shared to hundreds or thousands of each users friends and followers.