Social Video Booth Lets Manchester City Fans Be the Broadcaster

social video booth kiosk

Manchester City, one of the top football clubs, came to the states as part of a USA Tour. To help fans in Los Angeles experience one of the most memorable moments of the teams history, we were called upon to provide a custom video booth.

The main experience featured a clip of Sergio Aguero’s famous game winning goal to snatch the title from Manchester United in 2012. Fans could choose between English or Spanish and the clip proceeded to play with subtitles.

From there, fans became the broadcasters, reciting the famous moment and showing off their enthusiasm. Once done, the videos were processed instantly for sharing to Facebook and Email. Video clips were branded with the Manchester City logo as well.


Fans had a ton of fun at the unique broadcasting video booth and walked away with an interaction and memory with the brand that they are likely to always remember!