Instagram Wall at The Macallan Masters of Photography

Most whisky drinkers out there have heard of The Macallan, one of the oldest and reputable distilleries from Scotland.  Known as a top producer of single malt whiskies, they are also known recently for their Masters of Photography series.  Working with some of the most well known and respected photographers, such as Rankin, Albert Watson, and Annie Leibovitz, the brand combines photos and limited edition whiskies that leave a memorable impression on their fans.

For the 2013 Masters of Photography edition, The Macallan worked with Elliot Erwitt and featured his work at the Leica Gallery in West Hollywood.  The other attraction that was seen on the gallery’s wall was our InstaBuzz Instagram hashtagged photos.  Our station monitored and instantly printed branded photos that were taken and tagged by visitors throughout the night.  We were honored to be a part of the event and to be a fly on the wall at such an amazing gallery!

instagram wall