SocialBuzz Kiosk Captures Photos with the Warner Bros. Austin Powers Jaguar

As part of Warner Bros. Studio Services and Design Fair, employees enjoyed a free BBQ, demos on painting and upholstering, raffles, and our social sharing photo booth.  Our booth was setup to snap photos of the Austin Powers Jaguar as guests sat inside for a memorable pose. Instant prints provided a fun takeaway, while our powerful sharing feature allowed the digital copies to be sent on the spot.

warner bros photo booth

In addition, our custom winning print mode feature was activated to randomly print 5 winning photos for every 100 taken. The lucky staff that got the winning print got to bring their photo to the Warner Bros. Mill Store to claim their prize. This unique option added a level of excitement and engagement and proved to be a big hit.

warner bros social photo kiosk

The photos were branded with the WB logo, the #WBMillStore hashtag, and the event name. We love working with our friends over at Warner Bros. and look forward to other events with them. If you have your own winning photo booth or social sharing photo activation idea, give us a call at 800.714.2899 to discuss our options or demo our services!