Instantly Print Your Instagram & Twitter #Hashtag Photos!

Be your own photographers- Our print stations will monitor #hashtagged photos on Instagram and Twitter for viewing and printing.

NEW! Text to Print- text a photo to the print stations. Let fans generate content as brand advocates from their own phones!


print instagram photos

Various Hardware & Branding Options

From full kiosks, tablet kiosks, and tablet print stations, we have a solution for your needs and space.

Want to brand the photo print outs, the kiosk panels, printer, or touch screen?  We can also take care of that…

  • Displays & Prints Multiple #Hashtags
  • Brandable Prints, Kiosk, and Screen
  • Instagram and Twitter Integration
  • Great with Millenial Demographic
  • Increases Engagement











krug notes sign

On Site Instagram Walls

Feeling creative? Create on site social walls at your event with the #Hashtagged photo prints. Besides looking great they can help drive traffic and conversation!

Great for music festivals, trade shows, conventions, expos, corporate events, sport activations, and more…

Creative Uses at Events

Promoting a giveaway is a great way to encourage participation around your hashtag campaign.  At a recent event with Monster Energy, attendees opted in to a sweepstakes prior to sharing their photo.  Winners were chosen post event and rewarded with various prizes and fun giveaways.
Attendees hold signs (white boards, chalk boards, custom signs) and write their own personalized message.  The Daily Beast utilized this to connect with fans at their Hero Summit.  Signs were used to individualize each photo and on site prints left each with a memorable takeaway.
Create exclusivity and buzz by only providing a select few with the desired hashtag.  Don’t want everyone in attendance to know your hashtag?  This secretive option can be used to create an exclusive event with increased privacy around the photos that are taken and shared.  
Hang photos up to create a simple Instagram wall.  The displays can be creative and attractive to fans.  Krug Champagne utilized this at their Krug House event by creating a custom Instagram wall using string, clothesline clips, and printed Instagram and Twitter photos.  They also added a chalkboard sign with instructions.
Attendees must find certain objects to take photos with using the event hashtag.  Vector Marketing created buzz at their RDC Conference by encouraging participation for the photo scavenger hunt.  Photos had to be taken next to specific items for points.  Contests/giveaways compliment this well.
Take all tagged videos and compile them into a creative marketing video.  Or use video to generate testimonials for a product or brand, the 15 seconds allowed on Instagram is usually plenty of time for one to explain why they like or prefer a certain product.  These can then be repurposed and displayed creatively.

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