instagram photo kiosk printingPerhaps you have heard of Instaprint and other online print options for Instagram photos.  If you are looking for a real time event solution that allows guests to take, view, and print the photos they take from their Instagram app, there aren’t many choices on the market.  According to the Instaprint website, this type of service can cost thousands per day…until now!

Instaprint vs. Our Instagram Print Station

Fortunately we have come up with a faster, higher quality solution that costs less and can be sent nationwide!  Instead of taking 1 minute to print a photo, our innovative kiosks take only 7 seconds and use high grade dye-sublimation printers.  The 4″x6″ prints can be customized with one or two photos and can include logos, messages, and unique designs.  And instead of the high price tag of thousands per day, our solutions are nearly 10 times less with flexible terms for long term rentals.

  • Faster, better quality prints
  • Costs about 10x less than Instaprint
  • 7 second prints vs. 1 minute prints
  • Available for nationwide shipping and long term rentals
  • Photos can be uploaded to a Facebook page
  • Easy to setup and use

Why Should Event Marketers Utilize This?

Experiential marketing meets social media… Our Instagram kiosk stations gives guests the ability to share their best moments right from their iPhones, iPads, tablets, and other phones.  As an event marketer, providing a fun and unique way for brands to gain impressions and visibility is critical.  Our system can even display ads and upload the photos directly to a Facebook fan page.

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