Instagram Video Booth | Instagram Video Kiosk | Instagram Video Wall

instagram photo booth hashtag printerAs the popularity with Vine has steadily grown, Instagram was quick to notice and add video to their platform as well.  Besides photos, Instagram video allows users to record up to 15 second clips and even 13 different filters to give it that Instagram touch.  So, if you love Vine you will likely love Instagram video, especially for the fact that you can now take longer videos (compared to 6 seconds with Vine).

We were quick to adapt our event marketing services to include Instagram video functionality.  Our InstaBuzz stations can now monitor and display both Instagram photos and videos!  How can this be used at events?  Here are a few ideas and options to integrate an Instagram video kiosk, station, or wall:

  • Run a live slideshow of attendee videos by simply projecting one of our stations to a wall or screen.  Users videos will be monitored, displayed, and played as they come in.
  • Create a contest around unique and creative Instagram captured videos.
  • Run one of our kiosks, booths, or other stations to display both photos and video in grid mode.  Attendees would then be able to visit the station, view and print their photos, but also watch their user generated videos from the touchscreen monitor.

Questions about integrating Instagram video into your event?  Give us a call or schedule a demo today!

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