Project Description

CASE STUDY: 2016 Comic Con Social Photo Activation

Custom Branded Social Photo Kiosk, Multiple Overlays, & Banners

As part of the IMDb boat (#IMDboat) experience, the team wanted a custom photo activation on site that would allow guests to choose from different photo overlays before printing and sharing socially. In addition, three step and repeat banner backdrops were needed to change out each day and to represent that particular show.

Our staff set up our SocialBuzz photo kiosk with a custom start screen, letting guests choose from The Walking Dead, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and Blunt Talk photo overlays. From there, instant branded prints and digital photo sharing to Twitter, Email, Facebook, and Text were enabled. Appended messages were also added and were received by fans alongside the photos.

Social Media Impressions

Increased On Site Photo Engagement

Custom Photo Frame and Banner Options

Celebrities On Board the Boat

Why Was This Event a Success?

Our SocialBuzz photo kiosk provided a versatile, easy to use, and fun photo engagement that tied in to their campaign and goals.  Having the options for photo overlay choices, instant printing, and social sharing helped increase the #IMDboat campaign awareness as well as the shows that were represented.

  • Increased social media engagement
  • Increased social media fans and followers
  • Improved overall brand messaging and awareness
  • Created a unique engagement and experience for fans
  • Easy to use and fit within a custom space on a boat
  • Custom photo overlay options gave fans choices