Print Snapchat  |  Snapchat Photo Booth

The wait is over… a simple and unique Snapchat event integration option has arrived!

Snapchat Print Station Screen

Print Snapchat Photos & Moments at Events

Our Snapchat photo booth printer can pull in and instantly print those fun, quirky, and memorable moments.

Great for events of all kinds, our Snapchat printers are one of a kind and easy to implement!

  • Displays & Prints Your Snapchat Pics
  • Brandable Prints, Kiosk, and Screen
  • Snapchat, MSQRD, and other Integrations
  • Perfect for the Millenial Demographic
  • Provides a One of a Kind Experience

Custom Branding Added to the Snapchat Prints

Great for event information, brand messaging, and logos!

Print Snapchat Photo Booth   SnapChat Photo Booth Frame    Print SnapChat Photo Booth Frame


Billions of Snaps are taken EVERY Day

From music festivals to expos and all events in between, event experiences are being shared on Snapchat. Luckily there is now a way to print Snapchat photos quickly…


  • Can Guests Print Their Own Snaps?  Yes, they just have to send their Snaps to our Snapchat print station and can easily print from there.
  • What Size are the Snapchat Prints? 4″ x 6″ and print in just 8 seconds after they are sent to the print station.
  • Can You Automatically Pull in Snaps from a Specific Account? No, Snapchat API does not allow us to automatically display Snaps at this time.
  • Can Snaps get Sent to a Social Media Wall or Display?  Yes, we have some options for that, give us a call!