A touchscreen photo kiosk is a unit made for either snapping and sharing photos or for printing photos.  If you go to your local CVS, for example, you might see a photo kiosk that allows you to print photos from your social media accounts and even from your phone.  Our touchscreen photo kiosks are built a little differently and for a different purpose.

We built our social media photo units to be used as an effective marketing and branding tool.  It allows users a fun chance to take a free picture and share it through email, Facebook, and Twitter.  This picture is branded with an overlay graphic, for example a company logo, providing a great opportunity to get seen in front of thousands of peoples friends, families, and acquaintances.

Our photo sharing kiosks are used by hotels, conference centers, bars, restaurants, clubs, and other high traffic areas.  The software also provides businesses the ability to view important statistics regarding the use and effectiveness of each unit.  As an example, a hotel manager could login to a portal to see how many photos were shared to Facebook that day or week and how many impressions (or total potential reach) that those photos had.