Social Media Wedding Displays, Slideshows, & Walls

Your special day is coming soon. Besides the standard food, drinks, decor, and the hundreds of other things you have been working on, you also know you want something fun, unique, and social. We can help…

Social Wedding Walls & Slideshows

Works on All Screen Sizes

 Easy to Project

Instagram, Twitter, & More…


Weddings walls and slideshows are all the rage!  You choose what you want to display (ex. Instagram hashtagged posts) and how you want it to show up (ex. Slideshow).  We then set up your display and provide you the website link a few days prior to your big day.

At your reception venue, all you have to do is pull up your display on the monitor(s) that you want it to show up on or use it with a projector on a screen or wall.  Our display will continue to update with new, live posts every 5 minutes!

The most common wedding displays are Instagram or Twitter hashtags (ex. #Ryan&AmysWedding) but we can pull in posts from Facebook, Tumblr, Vine, Pinterest, and more! If you prefer not to have live posts show up, we can set up a display of past photos, just let us know…
Because our display is a website link, all you need is a computer/laptop/tablet and an HDMI cord to connect to your (or your venue’s) monitor(s) or projector.  You can even use Google Chromecast to eliminate the cord, if you’re feeling tech savvy!
Our wedding walls and displays start at just $495 and include the setup, the display link, and a moderation link (approve/reject posts).


Example of a Cascading Wedding Wall


Example of a Wedding Slideshow