Social Sharing Photo Kiosk Engages Beer Lovers at the 2015 Alltech Craft Brews & Food Fest

AllTech Brew Fest photo kiosk

As craft beer popularity continues to grow, more and more festivals are emerging and giving fans a place to sample and view whats new in the industry. In Lexington, KY, the Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fest took over the convention center for their 2nd annual event.

With over 50 breweries from across the U.S. and food vendors to quench the beer munchies, attendees were all smiles. In addition to the food, beer, and live music, our team provided a fully wrapped Social Media Photo Kiosk so guests could take home a printed photo and share their experience to social media.

Throughout the event, fans posed with beer in hand, smiling for the kiosk camera.  Photos instantly printed and were then shared to Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text. The additional social impressions provided some great branding reinforcement for Alltech’s microbrewery and the festival itself.

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