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As you start your search for the best Los Angeles Photo Booth Rental company, you likely have noticed that there are many companies in the L.A. area that are ready to assist. So, how do you decide on which vendor to trust and use for your event? Here are some tips to help narrow down the best photo booth provider:

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1. Not All Photo Booth Rental Companies are Equal

As you navigate websites online, you will start to see some similarities and differences between various companies in the area. As you dig deeper though, you will notice that not all photo booth rental companies are on the same playing field. First, be sure to view photos of the company’s photo booth and event set ups. If you can’t find those or if they are not up to par with your expectations, move on! We have seen some very interesting “photo booth set ups” in the past.

Next, how professional does the website look? This may be an indication of the professionalism of the company itself.  For example, poor graphics and online experience may translate to poor graphics on your photos and bad experience during your event.

Finally, how many similar events have they done? Can they meet all of your requests and needs and have the creative team to execute?

2. Los Angeles Photo Booth Rental Companies Charge Various Rates

As with contractors, landscapers, plumbers or other service businesses, you will find various pricing for photo booth rentals in L.A.. Most charge based on the number of hours the booth will be in use, the location, and the type of services and features you are most interested in. For example, a basic photo booth with on site printing will cost less than a more advanced setup that includes social sharing of photos, a backdrop, Animated GIFs or other options.

To give a general range, most Los Angeles photo booth rental companies will charge somewhere between $500 – $1500+ for a short term event (ex. half day). If you are looking for the best photo booth rental companies that have the most experience, highest quality equipment and best features or options, you will be on the higher end of the rate scale. As they say, you get what you pay for!

3. Communication & Customer Service is Key

As you plan your event, dealing with vendors with top notch communication and customer service makes your life easier. The best photo booth rental companies will be very prompt to reply to your questions and inquiries and have a ton of referrals from happy customers. Be sure to ask for referrals and to clarify all of your questions prior to booking with any company. If there are delays with getting a hold of the company, imagine that delay taking place right before your big event begins…


Finding the best photo booth rental company for your event can be tough and time consuming. Hopefully you now have more insight on finding and booking the best photo booth rental company in the Los Angeles area! When the right choice is made, you can be sure that your event guests will have a blast at the photo booth and you will have many keepsakes to cherish.

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