Green Screen & Social Wall at Boston Scientific’s National Sales Conference

The Omni Nashville was home to the 2017 National Sales Conference for Boston Scientific, a leader of medical devices. The overall theme of the conference, Ride the Wave, was used throughout the venue, including surf boards and graphics on site.

To help tie in the overall theme and provide a fun and interactive photo opp, our team was called upon to make it a reality. Our social media photo booth kiosk and green screen was used to allow guests to virtually ride a wave. On screen they saw themselves inside the barrel of a wave and received instant print outs of the experience.

green screen wave surfing photo kiosk

They were then able to share the photos to Email, Twitter, Text, and Facebook for further engagement. In addition, we provided a custom social wall  that allowed attendees to text photos throughout the few days directly to the screen.

This helped keep the photos internal (versus being shown live on social media) and was a unique photo tie in. Throughout the conference, employees had fun sharing their memorable moments to the screen and viewing them on the large display wall.

green screen surfing photo booth green screen wave surfing photo booth

Photos could be text messaged directly to the screen and posts were highlighted randomly:

Social Photo Wall

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