Event Trends 2019- Traditional Photo & Video Activations Resurge to #1

Las Vegas Photo Booth Rental

Traditional photo & video activations prove to be the BEST value and MOST utilized technologies at events.

How is this so with all the latest & greatest technologies? Fonteco and competing event technology companies offer amazing features such as Virtual Reality (VR), 360 Multi-Camera, Augmented Reality (AR), Gamification, Interactive and many more rad technologies.

Here are some of the questions we get often regarding event trends:

  • What new technologies do you offer?
  • What is your latest & greatest thing you are doing?
  • What unique features do you offer?

While these technologies are typically asked for by most clients, traditional photo and/or video have stood the test of time and continue to lead from the front.

“Event goers continue to love taking snapshots and sharing their experience with friends, family, and through social media channels. The cost to value for the photo activations outproduces the latest technologies by miles.”

photo booth rental

In the past 9 years, we’ve seen trends come and go but photo activations have been the foundation by being the most reliable, the best value, and importantly the most utilized by event goers.

Typically, clients will opt to have multiple photo and/or video experiences instead of one high-end technology option which produces up to 10x participation and impressions at the same cost. Keep in mind that social photo activations have a variety of options such as Digital Photos, Digital with Prints, Animated GIF’s, Boomerang, Green Screen, data capture and more which makes it attractive to clients. Custom branding, from the exterior of the units themselves, to the photos and interactive touch screens also provides additional branding value.

2020 Event Trends and Beyond

So, what’s in store for 2020 and beyond? Will photo and video activations, booths and kiosks continue to have a prominent presence at events? If history is any indication, event attendees will continue to expect and to love having the opportunity to share their moments and experiences. New features and options will continually be added as technology changes, but one thing is certain: “Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”- Anonymous

When you have a client or boss that wants the latest and greatest, keep in mind what the trends are telling us and the value that your client/boss is expecting. Perhaps the proven traditional photo/video activation is the best bet. At least, this is what event goers are telling us…

Ready to hop on the photo and video activation trend? Contact us today to discuss your goals and ideas, we have successfully worked with some of the top brands and marketing agencies in the country at thousands of events!