Social Photo Kiosks Help Amplify Meet Your Destiny’s Star Studded Launch Party

destiny moscato party

Destiny Moscato, started by business mogul Mark Thierry and Nicole Murphy, have seen great growth and increased brand awareness since launching in 2014.  As part of their marketing and promotions efforts, the team holds events that feature celebrities and of course, plenty of Moscato. To assist with their October 10th Launch Party at Music World in Houston, the Destiny Moscato team reached out to us to help amplify the photos and experiences on site.

Our team provided two of our SocialBuzz photo kiosks to snap, print, and share pics to Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text that included custom branding and messaging on each. The kiosks were positioned in front of step and repeat banners and all photos were uploaded to an album on the brand’s Facebook page. Nicole Murphy, Morris Chestnut, and featured DJ Big Tigger helped attract the crowds for a memorable night.

destiny moscato photo booth

Throughout the event, hundreds of photos were taken and shared, promoting the Destiny brand.  We look forward to seeing Destiny Moscato continue to grow throughout the U.S. and outside the country!