hashtag print kioskPhoto Activation Marketing: Effective and Experiential

Photo activation marketing consists of the use of photos to connect brands with customers.  Brand activation, or brand engagement, also focuses on building a lasting connection with event attendees and a specific brand.  Brands of all sizes understand the importance of engagement and the opportunity that events offer.

Not only is it effective and fun, but it is now becoming more measurable thanks to improvement in technology and companies that provide post event analytics.  In addition, social media integrated photo activations are becoming more common and more successful in the event marketing industry.

 chartMeasuring the Effectiveness of Photo Activation

When it comes to any type of marketing activation, data and measurable results are crucial to understanding the impact of the campaign.  Statistics such as number of photos taken, number shared to Facebook, Twitter, or other social media outlets, and number of impressions that the photos received can help marketing teams delve deeper into the effectiveness and return on investment.

Instagram Analytics- Post Event Example

Lets take a look at an example that includes Instagram photo activations and how post event analytics help paint a clear picture as to the impact the unit had.  Over the course of a 3 day music festival, Brand A utilizes a InstaBuzz Instagram gallery and print station.  Event attendees take photos throughout the event with their Instagram app and tag it with the custom event hashtag #MusicFest2013.  Photos tag instantly show up on the photo station kiosk where attendees could view and print a free branded takeaway.

The results…

  • Over the course of 3 days, 1650 photos were taken and tagged with the #MusicFest2013 hashtag
  • Of these, over 1350 were unique Instagram accounts
  • Over 1000 of these branded photos were printed and taken home by happy event attendees
  • The 1650 photos received over 240,000 impressions and potential views
  • A total of 428 comments and likes occurred for that hashtag during the event

Sample Post Event Report for the Event Hashtag:

instagram stats