Photo Booth and Instagram Print Station Help Golfers Enjoy the 2014 Ryan Matthews Golf Tournament

Ryan Matthews Golf Tournament Photo Booth

The 2nd Annual Ryan Matthews Golf Tournament, held at the Rancho Bernardo Inn, featured San Diego Chargers players, charities, golfers, and other supporters.  On the hole #1 tee box, our team set up a social media photo booth, Instagram print station, and Instagram slideshow to bring some “tech” to the event.

Throughout the scramble golf tournament, groups of golfers stopped by, including Chargers running back Ryan Matthews (photo above), to take a photo and get a printed takeaway.  Golfers and those at the event could also hashtag photos on Instagram while on the course.  Those photos auto printed at our station and provided another unique takeaway.  A live Instagram slideshow was also displaying all of the hashtagged photos.

Instagram Golf Print Station

We were happy to be part of such a great cause and hope to be back in 2015!  To learn more, visit Ryan Matthews Golf Tournament site here or Strikes 4 Kids here.