Mani Cam Photo Activation with State Farm

Mani Cam Photo Activation

Protect the Bling, Insure the Ring!  The catchy phrase from State Farm Insurance was highly visible for their first of many upcoming bridal shows.  As part of their on site booth experience, we were contacted by their marketing agency to build a custom mani cam booth that can travel to each show.

Although we hadn’t created anything similar in the past, we were up to the challenge and had a great time designing and fabricating the open air mani cam that was used on site.  In addition to the mani cam setup, our team provided one of our InstaBuzz #Hashtag Print Kiosks to monitor for #ProtectTheBling tagged posts.

Publicly tagged posts could then be printed instantly, providing fans a unique and experiential takeaway. Throughout the day, many hands and rings were placed in the mani cam booth.  As they were shared to social, the brand logo and messaging gained social impressions and awareness.

mani cam photo booth

Need a custom fabricated mani cam booth or other photo activation setup?  Please reach out to us to discuss your ideas!