New Tablet Kiosks Bring Portability and Value to Experiential Event MarketingTablet photo kiosk stations

Experiential event marketers, agencies, and brands now have a new tool for their arsenal: Fonteco tablet kiosks…  The portable, light weight hardware, accompanied by our powerful software solutions, are guaranteed to engage attendees.

Perfect for multi-unit setups, mobile tours, convention and trade show floors, the tablet kiosks can snap and print photos, socially share photos and videos, display and print Instagram photos, and provide data and lead capture forms.

The sleek and slim design, along with a fully brandable front and back panel graphic, allow for seamless integration at any venue or on tour.


  • 52” tall x 11″ wide x 13″ deep
  • 12″ screen
  • 20 pounds

    • Digital and/or Print Social Photo Booth Kiosks
    • Video Kiosks
    • Instagram Print Stations
    • Data & Lead Capture Stations
    • Front & Back Branding

    Have some ideas for implementing Fonteco tablet kiosks for your brand or client?  Want to toss around some ideas?  Schedule a live demo, call us at 800.714.2899, or contact us today!